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Latest Configuration Guides
Platform Title
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Snort Intrusion Detection System w/ Barnyard2 and PostgreSQL Support
February 9, 2014
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 Apache 2 Web Server w/ PHP5, OpenSSL, Suhosin and PostgreSQL, MySQL, IBM DB2 and/or Oracle Databases
May 24, 2013
IBM AIX 7.1 Setting Up TCP/IP, SSH and a GNU C / C++ Development Environment on AIX
January 9, 2012

The Cavalry is a global grassroots organization that is focused on issues where computer security intersects public safety and human life. We strive to ensure that these technologies are worthy of the trust we place in them.

Media and Research Requests
For journalists of all media, please use my PGP key for e-mail communications. Most requests I receive are for validating claims of major security events or vulnerabilities.

About one out of every five events I examine turn out to be fully or partially true. Our little community is increasingly becoming filled with rotten apples.

There is also an assumption of anonymity on my part, with exceptions only in very specific and authorized situations.

For research discoveries and disclosure, I already have a trusted list of journalists. For individuals and groups looking to include me in their efforts, please communicate using my PGP key listed above. Do your due dilligence first. I get a lot of requests and vetting what is legitimate is time consuming..
threatpost|  News

Podcast: How Millions of Apps Leak Private Data

20 April 2018 - Threatpost's Tom Spring talked to Roman Unuchek, senior malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab, about his discoveries this week at the RSA Conference.

HackerOne CEO Talks Bug Bounty Programs at RSA Conference

20 April 2018 - Can bug bounty programs be designed to protect consumer privacy and how do programs balance white hat disclosure versus companies sitting on vulnerabilities until they are fixed?

IoT Security Concerns Peaking – With No End In Sight

19 April 2018 - Despite numerous talks about IoT vulnerabilities at RSAC this week, a clear resolution on fixes is nowhere in sight.

Cloud Credentials: New Attack Surface for Old Problem

19 April 2018 - Researchers show why keeping a handle on user credentials is just as hard in the cloud as it is on local networks.

Chris Vickery Discusses Data Leak of 48 Million Users by Private Intelligence Firm

19 April 2018 - Private intelligence gathering firm LocalBlox leaked data on 48 million users that was scraped from Facebook, LinkedIn, Zillow and other sites.

Snort  |  Blog

Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 04/12/2018

12 April 2018 - Just released:Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 04/12/2018We welcome the introduction of the newest rule release from Talos. In this release we introduced 33 new rules of which 5 are Shared Object rules and made modifications to 1 additional rules of which 0 are Shared Object rules. There were no…

2018 Snort Scholarship is now open!

12 April 2018 - We are currently accepting submissions for our 2018 Snort Scholarship award!This year we will be awarding $10,000 to two individuals pursuing a higher education degree that meets our eligibility criteria. To be eligible to submit an Application and participate in the Drawing, you must: (1)…

Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 04/10/2018, MSTuesday

11 April 2018 - Just released:Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 04/10/2018We welcome the introduction of the newest rule release from Talos. In this release we introduced 103 new rules of which 21 are Shared Object rules and made modifications to 10 additional rules of which 4 are Shared Object rules. There were…

Requiring at least TLS 1.2 for

6 April 2018 - Later this month, (currently planning) around April 25th, we will be forcing everyone who visits, either via API (oinkcode) or the website to at least negotiate at TLS version 1.2 or 1.3.Today we do not enforce this restriction, but as we move more and more things here at Snort / Talos / C…

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